Course Fees

Course Fees

The Humanitarian Leadership Programme/Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership is made possible thanks to the generous contributions of partners, in particular financial support from the IKEA Foundation which allows us to offer part scholarships for up to 60 students per course.

Students or their sponsoring organisation will be invoiced for course fees in two parts, at the beginning of Unit 1 and again at the beginning of Unit 3.

Tuition Fees

Fees will be charged according to the following scale:

Tier 1: Government, non-profit and community-based organisations of non-OECD nations/below top 40 HDI**.

Tier 2: International non-government organisation staff on international or headquarters contracts.

Tier 3: Students from United Nations agencies or Governments of OECD nations/top 40 HDI** nations.

All fees and charges are invoiced in Australian Dollars.

  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Units 1 & 2 (1st Semester) $1,995 AUD $2,700 AUD $3,900 AUD $5,400 AUD
Units 3 & 4 (2nd Semester) $1,995 AUD $2,700 AUD $3,900 AUD $5,400 AUD
Total Tuition Fees (4 units/ 2 semesters) $3,990 AUD $5,400 AUD $7,800 AUD $10,800 AUD
*% Value of part-scholarship 63% 50% 28% 0%
Approx cost in other currencies USD / GBP / Euro USD / GBP / Euro USD / GBP / Euro USD / GBP / Euro
per Semester (2 units)
based on spot rate 23rd August 2017
$1574/£1228/€1339 $2130/£1662/€1812 $3077/£2401/€2617 $4260/£3325/€3623
Total Tuition Fees  (4 units)
based on spot rate 23rd August 2017
$3148/£2456/€2678 $4260/£3324/€3624 $6154/£4802/€5234 $8520/£6650/€7246

Additional fees include a student services and amenities fee, charged by the University per student (currently $60 AUD per trimester and subject to change) and an administration charge of $150 AUD will also be applied to each separate invoice.

Tier 1, 2 and 3 students all receive a part-scholarship thanks to the generous support of the IKEA Foundation. **HDI nations refers to the Human Development Index as published by UNDP.

Satisfactory completion of the course results in students being awarded a Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership and this is also included in the fees.

Residential Costs

Unlike most other university courses that include residential units, students are not charged additional fees for the cost of accommodation, catering or facilities during the residential.

However, course fees do not cover the cost of flights or transport to and from the residential units, nor accommodation outside of the residential unit dates. Students or their sponsoring organisation are expected to cover these costs.


There are currently no full scholarships available to cover all fees and study-related costs.

Limited additional part-scholarships are available to cover the full tuition fees for Tier 1 and 2 students for Units 3 and 4, however these are awarded based on performance in Units 1 and 2, as well as a scholarship application. Information on this will be provided in Unit 2.

Independent and private sector students should contact us for advice, as they may be eligible for a part-scholarship depending on their circumstances.